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Dartslive Card

Rating is derived from 01 and STANDARD CRICKET game results recorded on the DARTSLIVE MEMBERS CARD. Players’ rating information is available for viewing on DARTSLIVE2, TouchLive and in the member page. Know your darts level and use it to boost your motivation.

Following are the main areas of data you will have access to:


Player’s Catch Phrase, as well as Nickname, are displayed on DARTSLIVE2 screen. Give yourself a groovy nickname and catchphrase and impress others!



Enter your card name in the user settings page while registering your card. Your nickname will always be displayed on DARTSLIVE2 game screen.



Based on the RATING described in 4, players’ skill levels are categorized into 7 different FLIGHTs ranging from C to SA(highest level). Generally, players play in different flight during the tournament according to their skill levels. (The FLIGHT displayed here is the DARTSLIVE2 original FLIGHT information)


Accumulated STATS (see 8) data are evaluated and classified into 18 levels of RATING, being 1 the lowest skill level, and 18 the highest. Players use RATING as their darts performance index when participating in the tournament. (The RATING displayed here is the DARTSLIVE2 original RATING information)

5. HOME:

Which location do you frequently visit? If you have a favourite bar, then register it as your HOME location. Having a HOME helps you to mingle with other players and can enhance your darts experience.


DARTSLIVE Points are awarded according to the number of people you play with. If you play 10 games with other players, you may win big bonus points.


An icon of the DARTSLIVE THEME currently set to your card is displayed. There is a great variety of DARTSLIVE THEMES available for selection to suit your needs.


01 STATS is the average score of each round and CRICKET STATS is the average marks of each round. STATS results are displayed on the screen after the game.


The player’s COUNT-UP best score is displayed. All points hit are simply added to the score in COUNT-UP game. This simple game is recommended even for inexperienced players. Enjoy practising darts!

10. HOME Shop Registration:

Press P3 button on the CARD DATA screen to register your “HOME Shop”. Visit your member page to view your ranking in the HOME shop and check who is playing there now.

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